Ford to Offer 'Pre-Collision' System

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Oct 28, 2014
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Packing a Winter Emergency Kit

It's that time of year when you need to remind fleet drivers to make sure they have a vehicle emergency kit that's fit for winter weather. Here's advice on what to include.

<p><em><strong>Photo courtesy of Ford.</strong></em></p> Ford to Offer 'Pre-Collision' System

Ford will offer a new driver-assist system that will reduce the severity or eliminate some frontal collisions between its vehicles and pedestrians, the company announced.

Distracted Driving Focus Should Include More Than Cell-Phone Use

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Virginia Tech released new research examining crash risks associated with driver cell phone use and the relationship to other distracting behaviors. Some study conclusions have generated controversy.

<p><strong><em>Photo of 2015 Chrysler 200 sedan courtesy of Chrysler.&nbsp;</em></strong></p> Video: Chrysler 200 Earns NHTSA 5-Star Rating

The 2015-MY mid-size sedan aces the federal agency’s evaluations for frontal collisions, side-impacts simulating a two-vehicle collision, and side-impacts simulating a single-vehicle collision with a pole.  

<p><strong><em>Photo of 2008 Dodge RAM 1500 by NHTSA via Wikimedia Commons.</em></strong></p> NHTSA Urges Immediate Repairs for Takata Air Bags

Defective air bag inflators pose a safety hazard in more than 7 million vehicles in the 2000-2008 model years, the federal agency warns.

Chicago's Shorter Yellow Lights Bolster Red-Light Ticketing

This ABC News video report explains how slightly shorter yellow-light intervals at some Chicago intersections bolstered red-light ticketing during a six-month period -- until a Chicago Tribune investigation exposed the practice.

<p><em><strong>Photo courtesy of GM.</strong></em></p> GM Completing Safety Tech Testing Area

General Motors is putting the finishing touches on one of the largest automotive safety testing areas in North America. GM has invested $12 million in the 52-acre project that will be fully functional by December.

<p><em><strong>Photo of Audi A4 sedan courtesy of Audi.</strong></em></p> Audi Recalls A4 Models for Air Bag Software

The global recall, unrelated to the Takata air bag issue, includes about 102,000 sedans in the U.S.

Trinity Industries Loses Guardrail Lawsuit

Here's a video report from Legal Broadcast Network/Sequence Media Group summarizing the verdict in the lawsuit against Trinity Industries, a major manufacturer of highway guardrails. The company was accused of selling guardrail systems that malfunction during crashes because of an undisclosed change to the rail head.

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