Road Deaths Spike in 2015

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February 9, 2016
Video Safety Tip: Curbing All Distractions

In 2014, distracted driving accounted for 10% of all crash fatalities, killing 3,179 people. This video highlights 10 of the most common driving distractions.

<p><em>In hopes of developing new strategies to reduce&nbsp;crash injuries and deaths, NHTSA this year is holding a series of summits. Photo courtesy of NHTSA.</em></p> Road Deaths Spike in 2015

Traffic fatalities in the U.S. climbed during the first three quarters of last year, according to estimates in a newly released NHTSA report.

<p><em>All states except New Hampshire have a seat belt law, but only 34 states and Washington, D.C., allow primary enforcement of their seat belt laws. Photo courtesy of NHTSA.</em></p> 10 States Draw Top Scores for Traffic Safety Laws

A new report from Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety recommends 15 traffic safety laws and scores all 50 states based primarily on how many of these laws they've already adopted.

<p><strong><em>Image courtesy of NHTSA via YouTube.</em></strong></p> Faulty Air Bag Controls Spur New Series of Recalls

Safety supplier Continental informs NHTSA that 5 million air bag control units manufactured during a five-year period are at risk for failure.

Video: Distracted Driving Lawsuit Draws $1.3M Award

A jury sides with an Alabama man who suffered critical injuries three years ago in a crash allegedly caused by a driver distracted by a work-related phone call.

N.Y. Sees Spike in Drugged Driving

Because of the growing abuse of prescription painkillers and heroin, police in the state of New York have seen a disturbing increase in drugged driving incidents. Here's a video report from WKBW in Buffalo, N.Y. 

Many Drivers Turn Off Lane Departure Warning

A new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety finds that drivers are more likely to deactivate this safety feature compared to others.

More Winter Driving Tips

Driving instructor Jim Stepp of Brambleton Driving School in Roanoke, Va., gives winter driving tips to WBDJ7 in this video.

<p><strong><em>Photo of Dodge Charger courtesy of FCA US.</em></strong></p> FCA Recalls Dodge Chargers

The owners of more than 441,000 Dodge Charger sedans will receive wheel chocks to provide extra stability during wheel changes involving a tire jack.

Delphi's Vehicle Data Exchange Tech

Autonomous driving and vehicle-to-vehicle communications will require unprecedented data exchange speeds in vehicles. Delphi Automotive discusses the role of its upcoming multi-domain controller in making such demanding applications possible in this video.

Renault-Nissan's Silicon Valley Connection

The Renault-Nissan Research Center has plugged into northern California's Silicon Valley for local talent and resources to advance autonomous mobility, connected cars and zero-emission vehicles as this video shows.

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