How to Prevent 'UFOs' Inside Fleet Vehicles

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Oct 21, 2014
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Sniffing Out Brake Trouble

Fleet drivers are your first line of defense for unscheduled maintenance needs. Here's some advice to help them identify brake problems that require servicing.

<p><em><strong>Photo courtesy of</strong></em></p> How to Prevent 'UFOs' Inside Fleet Vehicles

Anything that is not properly stored in a vehicle has the danger of becoming a flying projectile during a harsh or sudden stop. Stay safe and know what dangers to watch for.

<p><em><strong>Photo of 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee courtesy of Chrysler.</strong></em></p> Chrysler Recalls SUVs for Restraint Control Module

The global recall covers an estimated 184,215 2014 model-year Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles that may have internal electrical short-circuits.

Video: Study Highlights Safety Benefits of Adaptive Headlights

New research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety concludes these headlights improve drivers’ peripheral vision on winding roads.

<p><strong><em>Photo of Jeep Wrangler courtesy of Chrysler.</em></strong></p> Chrysler Recalling Jeep Wranglers for Fire Risk

The recall, expected to begin Dec. 5, affects 313,236 Jeep Wranglers at risk for an electrical short in the exterior heated power mirror.

Mercury Insurance Offers Commercial Policies in 10 States

Mercury Insurance has expanded its commercial auto insurance coverage to business owners and fleet managers in Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

<p><strong><em>Photo of 2013 Beetle Convertible courtesy of Volkswagen.</em></strong></p> Volkswagen Recalls Jettas, Beetles Over Rear Suspension

In these vehicles, damage to the rear suspension trailing arms may go undetected following a rear or side-rear collision.

<p><strong><em>Photo of Lexus LS courtesy of Toyota.</em></strong></p> Toyota Recalls Multiple Lexus Models for Fuel Leaks

The U.S. recall covers approximately 423,000 2006-2011 model-year Lexus vehicles, including the LS sedan.

<p><strong><em>Prof. Kennerly Digges accepts the BMW Vehicle Safety Lifetime Achievement Award. Photo courtesy of BMW.</em></strong>&nbsp;</p> BMW Honors American Vehicle Safety Researcher

The automaker presents the BMW Vehicle Safety Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor Kennerly Digges of George Washington University.

<p><em><strong>Photo of 2008 Mazda Tribute Hybrid courtesy of Mazda.</strong></em></p> Mazda Recalls Tribute Hybrid SUVs

The recall, due to start Nov. 3, will address a defective hybrid system coolant pump in 423 2008-MY compact SUVs.

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