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January 16, 2018
Video Safety Tip: Protecting Your Vision

AAA offers five recommendations to help drivers maintain good vision for driving. And NHTSA explains how three different vision disorders — cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration — can diminish a driver's ability to see the road clearly.

<p><em>Photo courtesy of General Motors.</em></p> GM's Autonomous EV Will Exclude Steering Wheel, Pedal

GM filed a safety petition with the U.S. government for the approval of an autonomous car that does not feature a steering wheel, pedals or other manual controls.

<p>Graphic courtesy of Ford.</p> Ford to Develop a Connected Car Platform

Ford revealed its initiatives for a smart city cloud platform that is designed to help create city ecosystems that are prepared for upcoming changes in mobility, such as connected vehicle networks and autonomous cars.

<p><em>Image courtesy of NHTSA.</em></p> NHTSA Launches Safety Campaign for Super Bowl Sunday

Companies can download for free safety campaign materials reminding employees to plan ahead for a safe ride home if they drink during game-day festivities.

<p><em>Photo by Intel Free Press/Flickr via Wikimedia Commons.</em></p> Georgia Considers Handheld Phone Ban for Drivers

The state legislation also seeks to raise the distracted-driving fine from $150 to as much as $900 for repeat offenders.

Nissan, NASA Extend Autonomous Mobility Collaboration

Nissan North America is teaming with NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley to further advance autonomous vehicle systems as part of a five-year R&D project.

<p><em>Image&nbsp;courtesy of Hyundai Mobis.</em></p> Tech Developed to Prevent Drowsy Driving

Hyundai Mobis recently showcased new technology that shifts a vehicle to autonomous driving mode when a driver dozes off and the car starts to leave the road.

<p><em>One of Volvo's XC90 Drive Me research cars on the autonomous drive route in Gothenburg, Sweden. Photo courtesy of Volvo Cars.</em></p> Uber, VW Partner with Nvidia for Development of Autonomous Tech

Nvidia is partnering with Uber for the continued development of autonomous vehicle technology, as the graphics chipmaker expands its artificial intelligence platform for self-driving cars partnerships.

Video: Mobileye's Safety Model for Autonomous Vehicles

To promote autonomous vehicle safety, Mobileye has developed the Responsibility-Sensitive Safety model. RSS uses a mathematical model to formalize safety perception by defining dangerous situations, their causes and proper responses. Video courtesy of Mobileye.

Video: How Did That Car Crash Way Up There?

Local fire officials told CBS News that a drug-impaired driver's car was speeding early Jan. 14 when it struck a center divider and became airborne before crashing into a second-floor dentist's office in Santa Ana, Calif. The two people in the car suffered minor injuries. Video courtesy of CBS Los Angeles.

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