Texas Leads Nation in Pickup Truck Thefts

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Sep 16, 2014
Fleet Safety Video Tip: Driver Scanning

When drivers continually scan their surroundings, they can better anticipate hazards and maintain a space cushion around their vehicle. Here is some advice on driver scanning.

<p><em><strong>Photo of 2014 F-150 Limited via German Medeot/Flickr.</strong></em></p> Texas Leads Nation in Pickup Truck Thefts

Full-size pickups have the highest theft rate, and thieves steal them from both fleets and retail users, according to the bureau, which studied thefts of vehicle from the 2011, 2012, and 2013 model years. The bureau typically reports theft trends from data reported by law enforcement agencies.

<p>FRIEDMAN</p> Senate Hearing to Focus on NHTSA Role

Scheduled witnesses include David Friedman, the agency's deputy administrator.

<p><strong><em>Photo of 2014 Ford Escape courtesy of Ford Motor Co.</em></strong></p> Ford's Escape, Focus ST Recall to Begin Sept. 29

The recall, first reported last month, affects 133,227 2013-2014 model-year Escape and Focus ST vehicles in the U.S.

<p><strong><em>Toyota Tundra photo courtesy of Toyota.</em></strong></p> Toyota Recalls Tundra Pickups for Air Bag Problem

The recall affects 130,000 2014 model-year Tundra CrewMax Cab and Double Cab trucks.

Ford Recalls Older Hybrid Models for Overheating, Stalling

The recall affects 70,209 2005-2008 model-year Ford Escape hybrid electric vehicles and 2006-2008-MY Mercury Mariner hybrid electric vehicles.

<p><strong><em>Photo courtesy of General Motors.</em></strong></p> GM Dealers Halt Corvette Sales to Fix Air Bags, Parking Brakes

The automaker has directed its dealers to stop selling 2,800 2015-MY Chevrolet Corvettes so potential defects can be corrected.

<p><em><strong>Photo of 2013 GLK350 courtesy of Mercedes-Benz.</strong></em></p> Mercedes-Benz Recalls 376 Vehicles, Mostly SUVs

The manufacturer is issuing two separate recalls because of faulty parking lamps and tire pressure monitoring systems.

Altec Recalls Digger Derrick Trucks for Winch Drum

The recall, set to begin this month, affects 67 2010-2012 model-year D2000 and D3000 boom tip winch digger derrick trucks.

Video: D.A. Honored for Efforts to Prevent Impaired Driving

The Governors Highway Safety Association gives its most prestigious safety award to Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice for her achievements in promoting highway safety. Other award winners include CHP Commissioner Joseph Farrow.

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