Opening Day of 2016 AFLA Conference Receives Rave Reviews

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September 20, 2016
<p><em>Photo of 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV courtesy of GM.</em></p> Chevrolet Confirms Bolt's $37,500 Price

Chevrolet will offer its 2017 Bolt EV for a retail price of at least $37,495, including delivery fees, that shrinks to $29,995 after the federal rebate of $7,500 is applied, the company announced.

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<p><em>Automotive Fleet Editor Mike Antich presents at the 2016 AFLA Conference. Photo courtesy of AFLA.</em></p> Opening Day of 2016 AFLA Conference Receives Rave Reviews

The 2016 Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) annual conference, which will be held Sept. 18-21, 2016, in San Diego, got off to a strong start with a series of opening day presentations.

<p><em>Photo via Wikipedia.</em></p> Gasoline Prices Rise Slightly

The average price of a gallon of unleaded fuel moved slightly higher, mostly due to a pipeline disruption in the southeastern U.S., AAA reported.


<p><em>Photo of 2017 Altima courtesy of Nissan.</em></p> Nissan Altima Returns for 2017 at Same Price

Nissan's Altima returns for the 2017 model year with a retail price that's virtually unchanged from the prior model year that saw a mid-cycle refresh of the brand's top-selling car.

<p><em>Photo courtesy of Mazda.</em></p> Mazda3 Gets Light Update for 2017

The Mazda3 returns for the 2017 model year with light updates, including more standard content, technology that improves handling, and simplified trim levels.

<p><em>File Photo</em></p> Professional Fleet Manager of the Year Finalists Named

The 2016 Professional Fleet Manager of the Year judging panel consisted of 32 professionals, representing past winners, dealers, auctions, manufacturers, fleet management companies, and the media.

<p><em>Photo courtesy of</em></p> IARA’s Centralized Vehicle Data Repository Arrives

The new Centralized Vehicle Data Repository offers a single place for remarketers to access build data, MSRP, recall, and warranty information at the VIN level — and potentially see better pricing as a result.

Mike Antich
Editor and Associate Publisher
Market Trends
Mobility Management to be Catalyst for Fleet and Corporate Travel Convergence

Some believe that fleet managers will evolve into “mobility managers” in the future. Instead of managing a fleet of vehicles to meet employees’ mobility needs, they will move beyond asset management to manage a broader array of mobility services. These proponents argue that mobility management will create the business case to realign fleet and travel management into a single corporate function.

Paul Clinton
Senior Web Editor
Driving Notes
Subaru's Rear Automatic Braking System

The Subaru Outback returns for the 2017 model year with a feature that could help fleets reduce the risk of low speed collisions that occur while the driver is backing up the vehicle.

(l. to r.) 2016 Professional Fleet Manager of the Year George Survant, Automotive Fleet's Sherb Brown, and Wheels, Inc.'s Dan Frank
2016 AFLA Conference in Pictures
The 2017 half-ton Titan Single Cab will join the Titan lineup in the fall.
Nissan's 2017 Titan Half-Ton Pickup
The 2017 Escape has been refreshed from the A-pillar forward.
Ford's 2017 Escape
[Infographic] How Safety Reduces Wear-and-Tear

Predictive Analytics: Shedding New Light on Hidden High-Risk Fleet Drivers

Lease vs. Purchase: A decision guide for your fleet vehicles

Four Route Planning Tips for your Growing Business

5 steps to improving fleet utilization.

Fleet Trends: What Fleet Managers Should Expect Going into 2017

Building a Snowbelt Policy: Four Key Factors

Merchants Fleet Management Insight: ELD Mandate

Action in the Collision Aftermath

How to Deal with Driver Objections to Motor Pool

Increasing Profitability With Telematics: COI vs. ROI

How to Effectively Leverage Big Data for Your Fleet

Driver Monitoring Myths vs. Reality

Merchants Fleet Management Creates Opportunities for Workforce

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