How Top Fleets Manage High-Risk Drivers

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June 27, 2017
<p><em>Photo by Vince Taroc.</em></p> Gasoline Hovers at 2017 Low

The average national price of a gallon of unleaded gasoline remains at a low for the year at $2.26, despite increased demand at the start of the summer driving season, reports AAA.

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Boosting Productivity with GPS Tracking

Today’s sophisticated vehicle monitoring systems do a lot more than show you where your vehicles are located. They provide powerful tools and insights that can help you increase productivity by getting more out of your crews and streamlining office systems. Download this white paper to find out how.

<p><em>Illustration courtesy of</em></p> How Top Fleets Manage High-Risk Drivers

These fleet professionals were able to improve driver safety by adapting their safety policies to an ever-changing industry.

Five Tips for Wet-Weather Driving

As they navigate through unpredictable weather patterns, drivers across the United States should turn their attention to the rubber that meets the proverbial — and also very literal — wet road.

The Distracted Dilemma

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Despite growing evidence that operating a vehicle while using mobile devices, even hands-free, also poses significant danger, the amount of distracting technology is actually increasing. What technologies are truly necessary and how can you train and incent drivers to use them safely?

<p><em>Photo of 2017 Impreza courtesy of Subaru.</em></p> Subaru Accelerates Order Cutoff for 2017 Impreza

Subaru has moved up the order cutoff date for its 2017 Impreza compact sedan to June 28, as a result of production changes at its assembly plan in Indianapolis, the company has announced.

Chevin Adds Global Features to Fleet Management Software

Chevin Fleet Solutions has added multiple-currency and other new global features to offer greater support for international organizations and businesses operating across borders, the company announced.

<p><em>Photo of 2018 X3 courtesy od BMW.</em></p> BMW's Next-Gen X3 Adds Crash Detection

BMW's 2018 X3 enters the nameplate's third generation with a redesign that adds a pre-crash accident detection system, extensive infotainment update, and factory trailer hitch, BMW has announced.

<p><em>Photo: Chevrolet</em></p> Chevrolet Equinox Emphasizes Rightsized Efficiency for 2018

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Completely redesigned, the model-year 2018 Chevrolet Equinox will fit fleets looking for an efficient and productive crossover.


Mike Antich
Editor and Associate Publisher
Market Trends
Forecast Is for Fuel Prices to Remain Low for the Foreseeable Future -- Maybe Longer

Conventional wisdom in the fleet market is often wrong. If we roll back the calendar, the conventional wisdom about fuel prices was that there would be ebbs and flows in price per gallon rates, but the overall price trajectory would trend upward. The flaw with conventional wisdom is that it only works when no new variables are inserted into future projections. A case in point is the shale oil revolution, which now has experts predicting oil prices will remain flat for the foreseeable future.

Mike Antich
Editor and Associate Publisher
Market Trends
Snapshot of Fleet Manager Concerns and "Pain Points"

Summer is a busy time in fleet. There’s an abundance of next-model-year OEM fleet meetings, new-model intros, and industry conferences, which offer ample opportunities to “talk fleet” with the movers and shakers of our industry. If you want to know what's happening in the fleet market, you need to talk with fleet managers -- lots of them.

Kevin Koswick, director North American Fleet Lease and Remarketing at Ford, was the first to present at Ford&rsquo;s MY-2018 Fleet Preview event at the San Diego Civic Theatre.
Ford's 2018-MY Fleet Preview
The new Jeep Compass crests the Jeep hill during the ride and drive portion of the national fleet preview.
FCA's 2018-MY Fleet Preview
Ed Peper, U.S. VP, General Motors Fleet, opened the general session of the summit.
GM's 2018-MY Fleet Preview
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